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We are the professional supplier specialized in paper product design and printing. With over 12 years experience in this area, RoundTable have assisted lots of company all over the world and created more than 8,000 paper boxes and paper bags.

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Professional Design Team

The package of product will directy contact consumer. A marvoulous design of package could attract people attention and increase the sales of product. Clients are welcome to bring With our professional designers, we could customized the best package for you!

Printing Service

We have a variaty choices of pringting products such as luxury gift box, cardboard paper box, paper tube, paper bag, food packaging and so on. Our service including structure planning, material selection, packaging design and follow-up production. All you have to do is leave your idea to us, and we will turn it into reality.

Sample Making Service

To avoid any risk and misunderstanding during the production, customer can choose our sample making service before enter tje formal mass production. There are lots of sample making methods for customer to choose, you can choose the most suitable way and make sure it can meet your satisfaction. 

Technology Support

Combine with designer and producer, we offer the whole service from the beginning design to final product processing. Our experienced designer and manufacturer also provide consultation service, so do not hesitate to contact us when you have any question about printing.

We are your own Contact Person

For the customer whose supplier is in Taiwan and in need of packaging service, we are your own contact person. In other words, we could be authorized to discussed the following progression between customer and suppliers. All you have to do is tell us what you need, and check the final sample, Just that simple!

Paper Box, Colorful Paper Box, Wrapping Box

Colorful Cardboard Paper Box

This kind of paper box is the cheapest and the most common way to contain snacks or accessories, which is lighter than other product. The texture could also be enhanced through many different finishing. Most of the paper box will use Matt printing or Glossy printing to protect the surface of packaging. Some kind of product could use Bronzing and Spot Varnish to make it more obvious. 。If you have no idea how to choose the material or processing, you could contact us for further assistance.
Suitable for cosmetics, biscuits, electronic products, medicine and so on.

Pizza Box、Food Box、Box with Handle、Fruit Box

Colorful Carboard Paper Box with Wave Paper Inside

When the product is heavy or the container is frangible, we will suggest customer to adopt this way of packaging.
This method use the cardboard paper with wave paper inside, so that the outlook could remain colorful and enhance the thickness of paper box at the meanwhile. The thickness of wave paper have a wide range for customer to choose: Type E(1.5 mm), Type B(3 mm), Type A(5 mm) and Type AB(7.5 mm), depend on the dimension and the demands.
However, the surface of printing would have inferior quality than the normal cardboard paper box due to the difference of printing way. The price is slightly expense than the normal paper box as well. Suitable for electronic products, fruit gifts, heavy products, frangible products and so on. 

Hard Box、Book Type Box、Luxury Box、Handmade Box

Luxury Cardboard Paperbox

This is the best way for packing those thing with high value. Not only thicker than other paper box, it also offer water repellent and the surface will remain colorful as well. Furthermore, customer could select variety way to increase the quality of the paper box such as bronzing and laser printing. The luxury paper box could also be customized to increase the product quality. Customer could put the lining inside or add some other decorations for instance. Suitable for luxury accessories, jewelries, wine and cosmetics.

paper tube

Luxury - Sturdy - Reliable

Here is a new choice for you, our proudly Paper Tube. Instead of normal paper box, round Paper Tube could offer stronger protection for your product. We have a variety of  pipe diameter for you to choice, materials and the structural design are customizable as well.


Plain R-type Paper Tube (with inner tube)

This kind of paper tube has three colors inner tube for customer to choose: White, Black, Kraft color,

Colorful R-type Paper Tube (with inner tube)

This kind of paper tube could be personalized by customer. Customer could  indicate the materials and the colors they want to use in th inner tube.

R-type Paper Tube (No inner tube)

The body will be covered by the upper lid partly in this kind of paper tube. The upper lid would be a little protruding when you see the paper tube from the side.

Paper tube with concave cover

The bottom of paper tube will be blocked with iron sheet, and the upper lid is concave cover. The concave cover have three color for user to choose: Golden, Grey, Black.

Paper tube with double PE lids

This kind of paper tube couldn’t afford too heavy due to both side of the cover are made by plastic and movable. The PE lid have two colors for user to choose: Black and White.

Easy open can

The one side of can will be covered with pull ring, it can also be assorted with PE lid. The other side would remain open for customer to put contents inside, which means customer have to prepare can sealing machine by themselves.

paper bag

Precised color - Durable rope - Variety choices

A qualified paper bag should be durable with sharp hemming and precised color. We offer different kinds of matetial and style for you to choose. The MOQ are 500pcs, also we have professional design team to assist your estimation and production.

paper bag

Customized Paper Bag Made For You!

Don’t know how to get started? There are six tips for you to follow!

More About Our Paper Bag

Label & Sticker

Low MOQ - Variety choices - High Quality

There are lots of usage about our sticker, such as package decoration, product codes, company logo and so on. Unlike other paper product, the process of making customized sticker is surprisingly short, only 4-8 work days. Don’t hesitate anymore, give us your design or idea, then grab your own personalized stickers a week later. Just that simple.


Business Time 

We offer estimation service for a variety range of Paper Boxes, Paper Tubes, Paper Bags, Stickers and so on. Use online form could assist you to complete the information we need more efficiency, and don’t be hesitated to contact us about any question.


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