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To make the whole process more smoothly, please tell us your quantity and the deadline. We suggest that customer order at least 500PCS, 1000pcs or more would be better considering the prices will be more economics.

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1. Usage

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2. Dimension

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3. Colors

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4. Materials

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5. Printing & Processing


6. Accessories

Printing and Processing

Varnishing is the most common way to enhance the quality of your paper bag and boost up the value. Besides, there are lots of  processing way can be used to customized your own unique paper bag.

Pantone Color

Unlike usually colorful printing, Pantone color means the special color which can’t be mixed by CMYK. Some customer will add 2-3 Pantone color to made their bags more unique and flourish.

Spot Varnish

It’s another common way to stress your bag. Attaching special plastic membrane on the surface of the paper to make a reflective on certain area. It can be brand name, your company logo or unique slogan.


This special processimg way is little similar with embossing and debossing. The difference between them is that Graining is using the exist model to effect on the whole paper. It can also simulate the effect of fine art paper. Customer can choose the suitable graining style from our website or see the catalog by yourself.

Embossing and Debossing

Unlike Graining, this kind of special processing could be used on any part of your bag. The size and the style is also adjustable. You can choose this way to emphasize your compony logo or pattern.

Gold/Silver Bronzing with Glossy printing

The most popular way to emphasize your product. With golden reflection on the surface of your bag, it will be very eye-catching. Customer usually use this processing on the luxury product such as telephone, boutique and cosmetic. Bronzing will be priced by the area.

Gold/Silver Bronzing with Matte printing

It’s similar with Gold/Silver Bronzing. The difference between them printing way. Matte printing is more calm and low-pitched than glossy printing. Someone with low profile would love this way to emphasize their product. Bronzing will be priced by the area.

Poly Propylene Coating

The common way to enhance the whole quality of your paper bag. The theory of this processing is to attaching a plastic membrane on it by machine. It’s simple, economic and effective. The most important thing is that it could provide water repellant and scratch resistant on your paper bag.

Matte Coating

Another similar way to enhance the quality of your bag, it could be used on the whole paper like Poly Propylene Coating. It’s more calm and low-pitched. However, despite it can also provide water repellant, the scratch will be more obvious on the surface. 

Paper Bag Accessories

There is also lots of ropes and some other accessories for you to choose. Bring them together, you can eventually find your own style.

Tetoron Rope

Most popular material as the handle for the paper bag. It’s economic and durable, also have lots of coler for customer to choose.

Three-strand nylon rope

Another common materials for handles. Compare with Tetron Rope, Nylon rope has reflection under the light, which made it more luxurious.


The Luxury material for boutique and little gift. However, Ribbon has less durable than Tetoron and Nylon. The normal length is 33cm, and the color could be customized.

Paper rope handle

The most economic option for customer to choose. It has a unique quality from paper and the perfect touch for user, also have widely choice of colors.

Provide Your Printing File

If you don’t have the file or only have the idea about your product, we have lots of experienced designers to assist you. Feel free to contact us!


Final check

Congratulation! Seems like you are ready to make your own paper bag! Before you send out the inquiry, here are some tips for you to check.

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About Varnishing

If customer choose to doing spot varnishing, it need to avoid the bottom and folding line in case of brittle or peel off.

About the bearing capacity

The maximum of the bearing capacity is 4KG, you could also enhance the bag structure by thicken the paper or add the copper buckle between the rope and the bag. The copper buckle have two color for you to choose: Gold and Silver.

About the inner capacity

The paper bag will be bonded by human which order quantity is under 10,000pcs, so that it would be a little deviation(3-5mm). Please check the inner capacity before place the order.

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